Governor Cooper

Governor Cooper’s “open for business” posture steers our state toward growth in the face of inflation, politicking

Election season is in full swing, and leaders across North Carolina and the country are busy touting their legislative and political victories. And while Governor Cooper is not on the ballot this November, his impact on our state continues to deliver tangible gains for our communities, economy, and political system. Because of his strong leadership, business-minded Democrats are running up and down the ballot and a culture of growth and innovation has permeated our state.

FDA Menthol Ban: The Wrong Move

This country has a long history of banning products deemed harmful to public health only to have disastrous outcomes (prohibition of alcohol, the war on drugs being two stark examples). Despite that history, the FDA has proposed a new federal mandate criminalizing the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.

North Carolina is Grateful for Governor Cooper's Leadership

At a time of unprecedented challenges, including widespread threats to voting rights, devastating impacts of climate change, and continued health risks from a global pandemic, the responsibility of elected officials is to address the most pressing problems at hand.

Strange times: Should the NC Supreme Court get involved in veto-gate?

Depending on whom you talk to and when, North Carolina is

a. on the cusp of a constitutional crisis
b. an object lesson in how to cheat and get away with it
d. yes, and then some

No matter what you call it, these are strange times. A week ago, a trial court declared the districts that gave us the current legislature to be illegal and ordered new maps. This was an extraordinary ruling, appropriate to extraordinary circumstances. The GOP legislature began cheating out of the blocks, using forbidden maps to guide their work. The court will need to intervene again.

And this week, our illegally constituted Republican assembly has used deception and trickery to override the governor's veto. It's brass-knuckled politics, straight from the party of Trump. Maybe not criminal, definitely sleazy. So now what.

First and foremost, uphold the veto in the Senate. It's going to be a close vote, with every Republican voting to cheat.

Next, litigation, Take Tim Moore to court, even if we stop things in the Senate.

How you can help sustain Governor Cooper's veto

The foundation of democracy in NC is under attack, and GOP legislators think they can do whatever they want with no consequence. Legislators in flippable districts should want to think twice about over-riding Governor Cooper's latest veto. This editorial sums up the situation clearly, and names names. Check it out.

Text of Governor Cooper's inaugural address

Courtesy of NC Policy Watch.

Good morning. I hope everyone is safe and at home during this winter weather. I encourage you to stay there and off the highways until the roads are clear. Because of this storm, we have postponed the inauguration. But I wanted to spend a few moments with you to outline my priorities for North Carolina.

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