Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


LEGISLATURE GRASPS AT A SOLUTION IN SEARCH OF A PROBLEM: The State Constitution has, since 1943 had a state Board of Education largely appointed by the governor with confirmation by the legislature. With no notice in the waning hours of the current legislative session, House leaders introduced and forced through the committee system and on to the full House floor a plan to change the State Constitution to take the appointment power away from the governor and have voters elect the board members. Further, it would align the board’s representative districts with the state’s congressional districts. Given the legislature’s hyper gerrymandering of congressional and legislative districts – which has been the subject of endless litigation over the last decade and continues to this day -- it would guarantee a partisan majority of Republicans on the board. Amending the state Constitution and altering the way public education is administered by the state should not be the result of a slap-dash solution concocted in secret and forced onto the ballot in the closing moments of a legislative session. Since Roy Cooper was first elected almost six years ago, Republicans have systematically usurped his powers, and even laughed about it. It's long past time the voters took them to task for such arrogant and despotic behavior.

Weekend Wound-Up: Deep dive version

Before you roll your eyes and bounce, I won't be the deep diver. Not that I can't do it, I'm just prone to being distracted by undulating aquatic plant life and colorful fish (Yes, that's the plural of fish, regardless of what Merriam Webster or the Associated Press say. Jesus fed them loaves and fish. And one guy who normally fishes for his dinner was greatly relieved he could skip it that day).

Our deep divers in this diary are professionals, and incredibly intelligent and resourceful ones. We'll start off with our good friends working their respective beats at the NC Justice Center:

FDA Menthol Ban: The Wrong Move

This country has a long history of banning products deemed harmful to public health only to have disastrous outcomes (prohibition of alcohol, the war on drugs being two stark examples). Despite that history, the FDA has proposed a new federal mandate criminalizing the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


TRESSIE MCMILLAM COTTOM: CITIZENS NO MORE: I grew up choosing where and how I work because Roe v. Wade gave me many of the same basic rights of personhood as men, for example. Millions of women have, to different degrees, been able to do the same. With Roe v. Wade toppled, we do not have the same rights in all labor markets. In a global market, an empowered worker is one who can migrate. With Dobbs, women cannot assume that we can safely work in Idaho the same way that we can in Oregon or Washington. I cannot negotiate wages or time off with an employer with the same risk profile as those who cannot become pregnant. An employer who offers lower pay in a state with abortion care indirectly benefits from women’s inability to take our labor on the open market across the nation. Thanks to a rogue court, women’s lives are now more determined by the accidents of our birth than they were a week ago. By the same token, if a woman wants to migrate from a Gilead state to an abortion-friendly one, she's going to have to compete with many other women seeking to do the same, like some warped game of musical chairs. Until I read this editorial, I had not considered this economic angle. Which is another reason why elevating women's voices is so important.

You asked

Here are links to candidate web pages. These are must win priorities.

US Senate:
Cherie Beasley

NC Supreme Court:
Sam Ervin
Lucy Inman

NC Senate:
Sydney Batch
Mary Wills Bode
Rachel Hunt
Valerie Jordan
Marcia Morgan

And here are my bets in the NC House:
Terrence Everitt
Amy Block Deloach
Christy Clark
Diamond Staton-Williams

This list is from Jane, Janet, Nancy and James, with consultation from many friends and influencers. It's a good list at the top for sure. NC House names are more or less my personal favorites.

Who else are you supporting?


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