NC GOP wants Supreme Court to scuttle Special Master maps

Because who needs fair elections anyway:

There is literally no dirty trick these tyrants won't try to remain in power.

Wednesday News: Families belong together


NC AG JOSH STEIN JOINS LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUMP ON SEPARATING IMMIGRANT FAMILIES: North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein joined a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the Trump administration's policy that has forced the separation of more than 2,000 children from their parents along the southwestern border. Stein also sent a letter to the Homeland Security secretary asking for a list of any parents or children being housed in North Carolina because of this policy and the facilities where they are placed if that is the case. "Like millions of North Carolinians, I watched in horror as the Trump Administration stripped thousands of children away from their parents,” Stein said in a statement announcing the legal action.

The War of 2018

It’s not even July, but 2018 has already been the year that changed everything. I won’t go into all the policy fuck-ups Republicans are responsible for, you know them all too well.

The bigger change, though, the one currently rearing its ugly head, is tribal conflict unleashed on a massive scale. On one side are the greeders, grifters, and bigots who will do anything to hold onto privilege and power. On the other side is pretty much everyone else, mostly thoughtful people trying to find a way through the madness.

Tuesday News: Legacy of bigotry


JUDGE DECIDING IF LAWSUIT AGAINST HB2 REPLACEMENT CAN CONTINUE: A federal judge said Monday in Winston-Salem that he needs time to consider whether transgender plaintiffs can proceed with a lawsuit challenging the law that replaced the state’s “bathroom bill” known as HB2. U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder heard arguments over a request by Republican lawmakers to dismiss the lawsuit. He said at the end of the hearing that he would issue a ruling at a later date. Transgender plaintiffs say they’re still being harmed by the compromise bill passed in 2017. The new law did away with a requirement that transgender people use restrooms corresponding to their sex at birth in many public buildings. But the law says only state legislators, not local governments, can make rules on bathroom access.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's all about the narrative...

Let me fix that for you: "It's a sad day when Republicans in the General Assembly decide to take away the legal rights of NC citizens to fight back against a China-based mega corporation that sprays shit all over their families." Much better.

"Democratic" judicial mailer produced by GOP firm KAP Strategies

And the Board of Elections needs to investigate this nonsense immediately:

"He got his start in politics while attending junior college and did everything there was to do on a nationally-targeted congressional race. His tenacity and versatility as a “super volunteer” caught the attention of national Republican operatives who brought him to Washington, D.C. as an intern and then as a Capitol Hill staffer. But it was campaigning, not policy making, that Ted Prill loved so he went to work honing his skills on races across the country.

Besides the NRCC, groups like The Free Enterprise Fund, Freedom Watch, and the U.S. Coalition for Global Engagement have sought out Ted’s expertise. He brings his talents as a senior consultant, strategic thinker and hands-on operative to corporations here in the United States and to campaigns overseas."

Make no mistake, this is part of a concerted effort to suborn the judiciary, by doing two things: a) Stacking the November ballot with Democrats to dilute their chances, and b) Alienating voters from the Democratic Party in general with this ham-handed fake outreach. This story is developing, as I'm still trying to connect the moneymen behind it...

Salisbury's annual Pride Festival proves change can happen

Even in the most unlikely places:

Salisbury Pride President Beth Meadows said that this year’s Pride Festival was uneventful. Uneventful in that the crowds of attendees were large, the groups of protesters slim and the environment warm and welcoming for all, she said.

For the festival, now in its eighth year, things haven’t always been smooth sailing. Many protested the event and raised concerns after its first occurrence in 2011. Debate arose afterward about whether the event would be able to continue. “We were just going to do one year. We expected 500 people to show up. Then 2,500 people showed up,” said Meadows. “We saw how much we really needed this in the community. … It’s a passion of mine now that we have to continue to make it better every year.”

While it's fantastic to see the huge turnouts in metro areas like Raleigh and Charlotte, it takes an incredible amount of courage to do this in smaller cities and towns. And getting support from local government officials may be the key to jumping the hurdles put in place by those who don't want to stir the pot:

Monday News: Shameless


GOP LEGISLATORS PUSH AMENDMENT GIVING THEM ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF ELECTIONS BOARD: Republicans want legislative leaders to appoint all members of the state elections board, a power now held by the governor. State House GOP leaders on Friday afternoon introduced a proposal to change the North Carolina Constitution to create an eight-member State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement with all members chosen by the House speaker and the Senate leader. Voters would have to agree in November to change the constitution if the proposal wins approval in the House and Senate. The GOP proposal released Friday would mean that the governor would have no say in elections board membership. Wayne Goodwin, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, described the proposal as one attempting to blur the traditional separation of powers of representative government.


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