Tillis Turkey

The clown is all over Twitter bragging about how he and Donald Freaking Trump are making America great again, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his family and his name will be forever associated with treason and corruption. Let him know what you think.

Wednesday News: Deadly milestone


TEENAGER BECOMES CHARLOTTE'S 100TH HOMICIDE VICTIM: The Charlotte Observer reports Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say 19-year-old Nathaniel Lee Isenhour died at a Charlotte hospital on Tuesday after he was shot near a shopping center on Monday. According to police, someone called 911 to report shots fired. When officers arrived, they found neither a victim nor a shooter. Soon after, staffers at a local hospital notified police of a gunshot wound victim. Police said Isenhour was transferred from Atrium Health University City Hospital to Carolinas Medical Center Atrium Health with life-threatening injuries. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The newspaper says Charlotte last reported 100 homicides in 1993. There have been no arrests in the case thus far.

Social media muddle

I'm one of those retirees who spends a significant amount of time online, and not just here at BlueNC. I read a number of national and other newspapers and I visit both Facebook and Twitter several times every day. In the past week, I've also tried out WeMe and WT.social. I've been looking for a place to call home, but I'm kind of at the end of my rope. Here's where things stand.

Tuesday News: Wolf in the fold

TRUMP'S ACTING HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF BRINGS ANTI-IMMIGRANT BIAS TO RALEIGH: President Donald Trump’s top immigration official met Republican officials Monday in Raleigh to talk about how the sheriffs of some of North Carolina’s largest counties are no longer cooperating with federal immigration agents. Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is in charge of federal agencies like ICE, TSA and FEMA. It was the immigration side of the job that brought him to North Carolina, where he and several conservative politicians criticized Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper for vetoing a bill that would have forced sheriffs to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “There are a handful of sheriffs in North Carolina who have chosen for political reasons — purely political reasons — to shirk their responsibility as law enforcement officers of upholding the law,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a Republican, who is planning on running against Cooper for the governor’s office next year.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This needs to be shoved into the faces of Trump supporters on a regular basis:

And Thom Tillis owns it, too.

The Trump Effect: When you're in trouble, make a deal!


It's just another form of bribery:

“We are going to be doing a major middle income tax cut if we take back the House, and we will be talking about that sometime later,” he said earlier this month. Democrats now run the House, while Republicans control the Senate.

The new cut, the president said, would be “mostly devoted to middle income who have really been big beneficiaries of the (last tax cut) that we did which was the largest in the history of our country.”

Of course that second thing is a lie, which should be obvious to his target audience. Unfortunately, their capacity for detecting the truth is strained, to say the least. But it's the first sentence that is just one more example of Trump's complete lack of ethics: He's trying to bribe voters to rid him of the Democrats who are now Impeaching him. I'm not "reading between the lines" there, it's obvious. So now your question is, "Steve, the Impeachment process will be long over by November 2020, how can the two be connected?" Public opinion polls are being done every other day about Impeachment, and public opinion will alter the behavior of Congress, if it's strong enough.


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