77 Days: Dole consistently votes against working families and raising the minimum wage

DAY 77

For nearly 20 years, Elizabeth Dole refused to see the value of raising the minimum wage, choosing instead to shield herself from the plight of every day workers who depend on the minimum wage to make ends meet and accepting pay raises for herself. Dole was ready to once again prove her anti-worker stance today when she agreed to speak at a rally to oppose legislation protecting workers’ rights.

Read the entire post to read more on today's reason on why Elizabeth Dole is wrong for North Carolina and check back for updates over the next 77 days.

2 Years since Robin Hayes told Fox News he'd made No Mistakes

It was two years ago this week, eight years after Robin Hayes first took office, that Hayes told Fox News he'd made no mistakes in Congress.

Host Beth Troutman: "Is there anything from over the past few years that you would have done differently? That you are maybe the least proud of? If anything?"

Rep. Robin Hayes: "Hard, as I can't think of anything honestly, right off hand."

As we reminded him last cycle, the working families of North Carolina's 8th District may have some suggestions.

Open Thread: McCain's Mansions

Robert Greenwald has released a new viral video about the many mansions of John McCain. It's disgusting.

However, I've also been doing some thinking (in the aftermath of the Edwards whizzbang) about how wealthy candidates are able to inflate their own bubbles, float safely within them above the machinery of party and populi, and thus avoid so much of what makes financially scrappy politicians more accountable.


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