We know you know

There will always be a Flat Earth Society dedicated to disagreeing with conventional and scientific wisdom. You say up, I say down. The motivation lies in some perverse sense of pride. Of disagreeing with authority.

I think that way myself sometimes. I know flossing is good for me, for example, which is why I skip doing it so often. You're not the boss of me. We're seeing a lot of that lately.

But at the same time, it also feels like we're in for a reset. It feels like "we the people" are beginning to redefine the boundaries of patriotism, truth, and decency. We're pressing ahead in a conversation about what kinds of behavior we'll accept from each other and from our elected leaders. We're contemplating what kinds of lies, and how many, we'll allow before the guard rails need to rise up.

Just last week, it was possible for pretty much any kind of gibberish to provide cover for Trumpists Antifa, god and the flag, deep state, new world order, Trump is Jesus. The idea doesn't have to make sense. Just keep repeating it, the more outlandish the better.

Until now.

If you're in the rapidly shrinking minority of Americans who are still Trumpists, you have lost your last leg to stand on. You really do know you're full of crap, and you literally don't care. You're happy in your self-righteousness and you realize you're lying to yourself. But no worries, you get to be right. Enjoy it.

For my part, I'm going to shun and ignore you. Because if you're still a Trump Republican, you're either purposely ignorant or you're just plain stupid.

Don't expect most people to try to reason with you, any more than you'd expect them to try to reason with these kinds of nuts. Your MAGA hat is your red letter of Trumpism. A sign of shame for all time.

It's shocking to me that a cruel minority of Americans are so far gone as to remain Trumpists at this late date. After the deaths, after the treason, after all the lies upon lies. But just like engaging with Flat Earthers, there's nothing to be gained from engaging with you. You have made yourself irrelevant. We hope you always will be.

We know.