Another day

We knew it was bad,
those miserable years
of mindless trump of shame.
But without a shred of sanity on the lying right
there was nothing we could do
to stop the reckless decline
of governance
by man-babies
who did what they did
again and again
simply because they could.

I wish their every act could be erased as easily
as with seventeen executive orders,
but that's not happening.
Millions of far-gone fools,
sucking up the lies,
and prowling the land,
gross desires on one hand
a refusal to give their brothers and sisters
the benefit of the doubt
on the other.

Any single day isn't every day,
but it's still a sign.
A sign that an urgent spark
of everything is shaking in the halls,
taking off the hate just long enough
to glimpse the better
know the truer
feel the hope