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  • Reply to: Tillis and Forest have the same problem   21 min 2 sec ago

    Neither Tillis nor Forest has condemned Trump's call to the Proud Boys to stand by. Neither has an ounce of patriotism in their souls.

  • Reply to: Trevor Noah nails it, as usual   29 min 22 sec ago

    That was great! Hadn't seen it.

  • Reply to: Wednesday News: Unfit to lead   1 hour 53 min ago

    I've been embarrassed to be an American in the past, but never as much as last night. A horror show.

    I think the next debate is supposed to be a town hall format with candidates taking audience questions.

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    before I had to walk away. My wife somehow stuck it out. The whole thing was a failure by Wallace from the outset but not, in the end, a failure for Biden. Trump persuaded no one who wasn't already going to vote for him and didn't turn anyone away from voting for Biden with that display of rudeness and petulance, nor did he dial down enthusiasm among his opponents, so that's a loss for him, no matter how good it makes him feel.

    The question of the day is, what will the next two debates look like? You can bet that the moderators were on ther phone to their agents before the first 30 minutes were over, demanding that they negotiate a mute button for the candidates' microphones. The abject failure of the whole television infrastructure on this is startling. If the director or engineers had simply exercised their own ability to mute whoever was not currently supposed to be speaking, the whole thing would have been a walkover for Biden. We'll see if they have the chutzpah to do it and if Trump will actually show up and not storm off-stage if they do.

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    I've noticed an uptick in my blood pressure every time I hear his voice. Reading his words is unhealthy enough, frankly...