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    This week's loser is Greensboro's finest bigot Charles Davenport Jr.:

    Tom Brokaw created a furor late last month when he suggested that Hispanic immigrants need to “work harder at assimilation.” Almost simultaneously, Megan Neely, a biostatistics instructor at Duke University, came under fire for sending out an email in which she discouraged Chinese students from speaking their native language in campus common areas.

    The aforementioned episodes have exposed profound disagreement about the degree to which we expect newcomers to adapt to our culture. That’s a long-overdue conversation.

    Overdue? Jackasses like you have been whining about the "Speak English, dammit!" issue since before we shanghaied Chinese workers to build our railroad lines. But go ahead anyway:

    “Culture” can be defined several ways, but virtually every definition mentions commonality — things that are shared, such as traditions and values. (That’s why “multiculturalism” is an oxymoron.) Many definitions explicitly mention a common language, because language and culture are inextricably bound.

    It's not an oxymoron, but it's no surprise a moron like you would think so. As far as that "commonality" to which you refer, that only applies within each cohort population, not all of them combined. More clearly defined as, "the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group."

    The reason you're confused about this is due to ingrained prejudice: The only culture you're able to recognize as legitimate is your own, the white male American version (all others should yield to this standard, as it is superior).

    Regardless of your lame efforts to seem otherwise, the above twisted mindset is plainly obvious to everybody that mistakenly takes the time to read your drivel.

    Brokaw was criticized by, among others, Hugo Balta of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, who complained that “assimilation is denying one culture for the other,” and that “Hispanics are no less American for embracing their country of origin or that of their ancestors.” Balta is also a senior producer at liberal MSNBC.

    He is correct in one regard: assimilation is indeed the denial of one culture in favor of another. That’s by design, and it’s built into the oath of citizenship, during which the newly naturalized declare that they “absolutely and entirely renounce … all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign … state or sovereignty.”

    And if you'll notice, there's not a damn word in there about renouncing your spoken language of choice. Because Spanish isn't a country, or religion, or sovereign state. It is a language, spoken by more people in the world than speak English.

    We, the citizens, are partially to blame. By providing every service under the sun, including government services, in Spanish, we have eliminated the incentive to learn English. It is no longer perceived to be a necessity.

    And now you're just that angry old lady complaining about why there's Spanish instructions on the fire evacuation map. Get a life dude, and one that doesn't include writing about shit you apparently don't understand.

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    This is not really a critique of NC's news outlets, but more of an observation: The above corporate shenanigans were not hard to uncover, and *should* be one of the first things reporters look at when researching the collapse of something as important as a hospital, even a tiny facility like Washington County's. Money was literally sucked out of this hospital by a corporate vampire, who's done the exact same thing in other states. But you wouldn't know that by reading local coverage.

    Yes, the economics of rural healthcare are important, but without that additional information, privatization will continue. And we'll keep losing hospitals.

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    This open letter is probably the best summary I've seen of all the problems with Teach for America. At its heart, its methods go completely against the organizaiton's stated aim of overcoming inequality in education - it foists young, inexperienced teachers into classrooms without proper training and support, giving kids a worse experience than they would otherwise have. Take this first-hand experience of just one teacher, for example.

    There's big money behind Teach for America from conservatives and charter school advocates like the Walton family. And there's a reason for that is pretty obvious when you take a good look at what they're doing.

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    And frankly, a judge (much less Justice) who feels "guided" by the bible when making legal decisions doesn't belong on the bench at all, much less as Chief Justice of the state's highest court.

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