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    A conservative business person wants help with some marketing materials. She has heard I’m super good and super fast. I tell her I appreciate the request but it’s against my spiritual tenets to support people who are registered Republicans.

    There may be some right wing writers out there, but I’ll bet they’re embarrassed to admit it.

    And I’m nearly retired so I don’t have to give a damn. Sue me. I’ll use Cheeto as my defense.

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    this stuff for years up in Pennsylvania, being hit with lawsuits and restraining orders, none of which have even slowed her down. One of the heroes in this war...

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    I'd be sorely tempted to consider Trump as the Anti-Christ. But that kind of superstitious talk is exactly what feeds his ignorant base, blinding them to his derangement in their pursuit of whatever warped future they hope for.

    We'll see how the courts view this latest outrage, because the lawsuits will be flying once these bible-thumpers start refusing to treat sick and injured people. And if the backlash is hospitals stop hiring outspoken fundamentalist Christians, oh well. That's what you get for being an asshole.

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    Apparently this Christianist is happy to pay sexual harrassers and coverup their crimes like it's nobody's business but his. Such a goddamned hypocrite.