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    Especially when the author's conclusions are all wrong, yet are fluffed up by the verbosity.

    Reminds me of the big, tall facades that hide a tiny dilapidated structure behind them. They're only impressive if you can't comprehend 3 dimensions.

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    ... by the big fancy phrases like "political apostasy" and "outdated hermeneutic" to overlook the ridiculousness of comparing Internet troll Donald Trump to Martin Luther.

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a rather badly conceived joke.

    The author is a conservative talk show host and web site publisher that was indoctrinated into ultra-conservatism in college through a program at the Claremont Institute. Apparently, they taught him how to write term papers with a thesaurus to mask the weak arguments at the basis of what he was saying.

    Too bad that NPR turns to this guy for opinion on occaision. He's really sort of a more intellectual-sounding John Bircher.

    I'd give his N&O position paper a "C-". It has structure and form, but little else to distinguish it from the other generic product turned out by extreme-right think tanks, including its use of weasel words like "political correctness", “Obamacare”, and "free government" to excite the lizard brains of Trump followers.

    After Trump is forced to resign from office or convicted for corruption, I look forward to Buskirk's op-ed comparing Twitter to Jesus Christ, "crucified" by the "conservative coastal elites" for bringing the "Good News" of "America First"-ism to the great unwashed (white) Republican masses.

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    This week's loser is the News & Observer for putting this steaming pile at the top of its Opinion page:

    As President Donald Trump continues to remake the Republican Party in his image, calls for last rites to be given to American conservatism are not just premature –they’re entirely wrong. Accusing Republican voters of political apostasy for supporting Trump is wrong, too. These perspectives are also evidence that the accusers are missing an intellectual and political reformation that is reshaping U.S. politics.

    Blinkered by an outdated hermeneutic based on the post-Reagan right-left split, the sentinels of the conventional wisdom have been predicting the demise not just of Trump but also of the entire conservative project for more than two years now. In fairness, it’s an easy mistake to make. Who thought an obscure monk from Wittenberg would upend the medieval social and political order? Like Martin Luther, Trump is--

    Cue the sound of car tires squealing to a halt. Martin Luther was not just a "monk," he received a Doctorate of Theology. To say he was "well-read" is an understatement. Trump can't read a damn fortune cookie message without handing it to an assistant to read it for him, and highlight maybe 2 words for him to ponder. But an even bigger flaw in using that analogy is glaring in its contradictory nature. Luther saw many things wrong with the Roman Catholic Church, but one of the worst was the proliferation of Indulgences, wherein people had their sins forgiven if they paid enough money to the church. Eventually it got so bad they could pay first and sin later.

    Donald Trump (literally) embraces the idea of indulgences, whether it's paying off a porn star or attacking those who refuse to throw money at him or his family. The only thing he has in common with Martin Luther is his slide towards prejudice and racism as he slouches into his dotage. Continuing where I jumped in:

    --an unlikely catalyst for this much-needed political reformation. Because the critics focus too much on the man and not enough on the message, their basic complaint about Trump voters has been: “You sold your principles to back a grifter for short-term political gain.” But who’s really been selling the snake oil?

    Oh, we're focusing on the message, alright. It's hard not to when that man-child jumps on Twitter every single day with his selfish, self-centered, painfully naive and bitter ad hominem attacks on anybody who doesn't worship him. Which makes this clap-trap even more contemptible:

    And in some ways even more significant, Trump has pushed back against the stultifying political correctness that has chilled free expression and thereby undermined the foundation of free government in the United States.

    You know what? Just remove that "political" and leave it with "pushed back against correctness" and at least the first half of that sentence will be accurate. I've known some liars in my time. You know, people who would lie about everything, regardless of how trivial the matter was, simply because it had become a habit. But I've never come across a liar like Trump. He has set a whole new standard in that field.

    As to the second part of that sentence, our system of government has *never* been jeopardized as much by one man as it is now. Federal departments are being run by extremists and lobbyists, numerous White House advisors have been compromised by a hostile foreign government, and our FBI is ridiculed and threatened on a daily basis for just doing its job to try to clean up that treasonous influence.

    There is much more nonsense in this "article," but I have reached my limit. Needless to say, the News & Observer needs to step back and re-assess its recent shift in editorial focus. This column never should have been published, much less elevated to the top of the flagpole. Conservative voices should be given some exposure there, but a constant barrage of non-truths does a disservice to all.

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    ... could be information revealed that would open up state-level GOP officials and politicians to lawsuits or legal actions over the 2016 election cycle or even earlier.

    Can you say "Cambridge Analytica" and "NC GOP"?

    I wouldn't be surprised is some current and former state officials and their lackeys are deciding which documents to shred and emails to delete already.

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    So that means you can't attack me for being critical of Bernie supporters. Just kidding, you can attack me for that. But seriously, this anti-establishment phenomena seems to resurface every three months or so, leading me to believe it is somehow connected to the change of seasons. Or maybe when seasons don't change like they're supposed to? It's chillier outside right now than it should be, is what I'm saying. Not much of a theory, but it's a complex problem that has so far eluded a scientific explanation.