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    I don't normally do stuff like this, but that information is not available on the PD's website or the Orange County jail's. There is only a list of those currently incarcerated, and this incident happened July 3.

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    Those of you who live in Chapel Hill should be demanding some answers over this. Several Silent Sam protesters have been arrested and detained over the last few years, not to mention one of the Chapel Hill Police officers sporting a white supremacy tattoo. And those protesters had to post bail, or stay in jail.

    This dude punches a young black girl in the face, and he is "cited"? What, did they write him a ticket for a violent assault witnessed by several people? No jail, no bail, just a ticket?

    Tell me again that white privilege doesn't exist. I dare you.

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    and the Iranians might burn them. It is a very foolish set of moves, if they're really the ones behind what does look an awful lot like sabotage of these Iranian facilities. If true, the Iranians are likely to respond in kind and they certainly have the capability to do so, especially with their current involvement in Syria giving them access to Israeli borders. This is what happens when you have a fanatic like Netanyahu in charge and he thinks that his main ally (Trump) will back him no matter what he does.

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    If the N&O goes so too goes the NYT. We who subscribe already lost our Saturday editions and thing don't look good.

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    but this company has earned it. Makes the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age seem like cub scouts in comparison...