Sometime the truth squeaks out from the most unlikely source. This one is definitely a long-term lease.




You now what they say about the things that are the most amusing? The kernel of truth makes the joke.

A full disclosure would be nice

His salary as President of the JW Pope Foundation is a relatively modest $85,000 per year, but I'd really like to know what he's paid for his editorial drivel. It appears to be syndicated, showing up in local papers all over the state. But he pops up in other states, too.

Next to nothing

I could be wrong, but I doubt he or JLF gets anything in return for the freedom to distribute propaganda.

And the "rental agreement" he has with Mr. Pope is one he gladly accepts. Living in the land of libertarian fantasy is something everyone who thinks about it would love to do. Then there's reality.

They think that society should be as close to libertarian fantasy as possible, Problem is, once you break the delusion, all sorts of shit falls apart. It just does. Poverty leads to slavery. Greed leads to abuse.

The more reasonable path is one that recognizes the wisdom of and need for collective consciousness, and then shoot for the best possible outcomes.

That's called cooperation, and it's not in the libertarian playbook unless money changes hands.