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Tuesday Twitter roundup

But they'd rather throw away billions in Federal dollars, while throwing the working poor under the bus. It defies logic, but so do they.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

I still believe this, but not as much as I did a couple years ago. I'm seeing a lot of late teens & twenties doing stupid shit like rolling coal and driving around with their Trump flags flapping, and the low vaccination rates are also concerning. But overall, it would likely be a net gain of intelligent and progressive voters, so I'm all in.

Tarheel Founding Fathers: Samuel Johnston

Samuel Johnston was born in Scotland, but moved here with his Uncle (Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston) when he was just two years old. He attended Yale but did not graduate, instead returning home to study law under Thomas Barker. Johnston began his public service career at 22, and continued his government career non-stop for the following half-century. He was the defacto Governor of NC in 1775 when Josiah Martin slunk off, and was later elected Governor (3 times) and became the first elected (U.S.) Senator from NC. But it was his service in the Continental Congress during the war that give him TFF status:

Climate boondoggles: Carbon Capture doesn't stand up to the hype


It doesn't even come close:

While many people think this is a new technology, it’s not. In fact, the US Department of Energy spent at least $6 billion over two decades on it. Not to mention the tax credits oil and gas companies have received for pilot projects.

Even the biggest projects stretch to absorb a few thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, we emit over 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. That’s a million-fold gap. So, even if artificial carbon removal scaled 1,000x — which is still years and billions of dollars away at best — it would need to grow by another 1,000-fold even to be a small percentage of the solutions we need.

Understand, we could never even come close to the level of carbon capture that naturally exists on our planet. Trees and ocean life, such as seaweed and plankton, absorb a substantial amount of atmospheric carbon, while also producing oxygen. But this isn't just a boondoggle, it's actually a boon for fossil fuel companies:


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