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Signs of the times

Jane and I are doing all we can to encourage people to register and vote. We're part of a team that printed 600 yard signs and got them placed in southern Orange County. Days after they were put up, one volunteer saw a guy wearing American flag shorts taking the signs down and hauling them away. The next day another volunteer saw him again and asked him to stop. He threatened to run over her with his vehicle.

Police were called and they recovered 16 of the signs, many more had already been dumped at the landfill. The man was apparently completely unrepentant.

More on Madison

On Wednesday I wrote about North Carolina's newest liar, Madison Cawthorn. He's the fanatic running for the US House who's using his wheelchair to drum up cover for his many deceptions. I can't tell if it's sad or just pathetic.

October 15: Orange Crush Day

The number of people who will have the option of mailing in their ballots is more than EIGHT times the number in 2016. That means several hundred thousand people will have the option of voting by mail if they want or need to. See the data below.

For what it's worth, I've requested my mail-in ballot and I will use it if necessary. Right now I'm thinking I'll vote early, in person, on October 15, the first day of early voting. I am more than happy to risk my life to vote against Donald Fucking Trump.

Day 144

I read this week on Thom Trump's "about" Facebook page that he's a husband, a father, and a grandfather. That blows me away. As all three of those things myself, I can't imagine embracing the kind of arrogant irresponsibility I see every day in Tillis. He supports policies that count on future generations being able to climb out of the holes he's digging today. Trillions in new debt. Reckless environmental policy. Privatization of public assets. Bald-faced corruption. A culture of lying.

Emily Nicholson for NC House

"I have been approached with a question that I don’t think a male candidate would be asked. I asked someone to vote for me, a Democrat, and he said “I’m not sure I can vote for you because I’m worried about your kids not having a mom at home.” I was shocked! We face so many preconceptions from men and women. Some of my own family members are asking me that question too. As a woman having to answer a question a male candidate wouldn’t face feels wrong. I want policy questions. My husband and I have worked out how to balance our family and it’s our business.


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