Tuesday News: 1,510 and counting


NC COVID 19 CASES ARE STILL ON THE RISE: At least 87,528 people in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus and 1,510 have died, according to state health officials. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services on Monday reported an additional 1,827 cases of the virus, down from 1,908 on Sunday and the record-high 2,462 on Saturday. Daily cases have been on an upward trend. The number of cases reported from July 7 to July 13 was about 17% higher than the number reported during the previous week. Officials also reported seven additional deaths Monday. On Monday, health officials reported completing 20,899 new coronavirus tests, for a total of more than 1.2 million. On Sunday, 10% of tests were positive. That number should be closer to 5%, health officials have said. State health officials say 67,124 people in North Carolina are presumed recovered from the virus, based on when they tested positive and if they were in the hospital. Data on recoveries is released once a week, on Monday.

Sunshine, surfing and sucking the Trump teat along the Carolina coast

A good financial planner worth his or her salt will tell you two things. Always have a financial reserve equal to six, eight or even twelve months in case of an unforeseen emergency. Unforeseen emergencies can include but are not limited to the sudden death of an income producing family member, a sudden change in employment ie. lost job or even the results of a natural disaster. That same planner will also tell you to always be careful when it comes to biting off more than you can financially (debt) chew. When self sufficiency is out of the question, there's always option 2.

Fracking companies are dying, and leaving leaking wells behind

So much for the vaunted Free Enterprise system:

The day the debt-ridden Texas oil producer MDC Energy filed for bankruptcy eight months ago, a tank at one of its wells was furiously leaking methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. As of last week, dangerous, invisible gases were still spewing into the air.

By one estimate, the company would need more than $40 million to clean up its wells if they were permanently closed. But the debts of MDC’s parent company now exceed the value of its assets by more than $180 million.

Had another discussion recently about "flaring," wherein the oil/gas drillers burn gas in a spectacular display of sometimes 30 ft flames. I agreed that it was wasteful, but it's what you can't see that is the problem. Venting that gas without flaring it does much more damage than burning it off, and there is not nearly enough attention paid to this problem. Or the irresponsible behavior of the companies who should be forced to cap those wells:

Monday News: Falling like dominoes


CONFEDERATE STATUE IN CLINTON PULLED DOWN, REMOVED: A bronze Confederate statue outside the Sampson County courthouse in Clinton, found bent and teetering on its pedestal Sunday morning, has been removed, according to the county sheriff’s office. The statue was vandalized Saturday night, according to the Sampson Independent. Clinton City Council member Darue Bryant organized a protest at the monument last Monday, he said, after Sampson commissioners did not put the relocation issue on their agenda. The Sampson board of commissioners chairman could not be reached Sunday. A change.org petition Bryant sponsored calling for the statue’s removal had more than 2,700 signatures as of Sunday afternoon.

What Is Thom Tillis Running On

What is Thom Tillis running on?
So far this election season I have seen one ad by the Thom Tillis campaign and I keep wondering what it is that justifies his re-election for six years.
What I take from that ad is that he is going to bring home protective mask manufacturing from China. Really, really?

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


SERIOUSLY, JUST WEAR YOUR MASK: But please, just don’t think about it as so many Republicans do. “Mask-wearing has become a totem, a secular religious symbol,” Alex Castellanos, a longtime Republican strategist, told The Washington Post. “Christians wear crosses, Muslims wear a hijab, and members of the Church of Secular Science bow to the Gods of Data by wearing a mask as their symbol, demonstrating that they are the elite; smarter, more rational, and morally superior to everyone else.” This is a bizarre way to talk about people who are guided by facts, science and reason. It’s not about making a political point or asserting moral superiority; it’s about saving lives and protecting one another — which should be a basic element of citizenship in any democracy. Why turn a straightforward public health issue into a political one? The virus doesn’t care whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It ravaged blue states in the spring, and now it’s plowing through red ones. All it cares about are finding open mouths and nostrils. It’s crazy that we are having this debate after all. Dozens of countries have already mandated mask-wearing in public. It’s not a coincidence that the United States remains the world’s coronavirus hot spot.


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